About Us

Plato Film is an Istanbul based production company that has been produced many award winning films and nation-wide successful commercials. The company was founded by in 1986, an industry legend who dedicated his life to understand the complexity of the human nature. He is well known for his socially responsible and outspoken views and his eagerness to create grounds for upcoming young professional in the layers of the Turkish film industry. Before founding his own company, Çetin was already building his career as an established and well-acclaimed director in Turkey with his famous masterpieces like ÇiçekAbbas (1983) and 14 Numara (1985), with which the director had won the best motion picture award at Turkey’s worldwide acclaimed Antalya Film Festival.By the emergence of Plato Film, Çetin has proven to become one of the top producers who lead the industry in Turkey.

Since its foundation, Plato Film has become the most active film and TV production company in Turkey. Çetin’s factory has produced a wide range of dramatic series, thirteen full feature films, hundreds of commercials, many T.V series and family programs both nation-wide and internationally. The company was awarded with a number of national and international prizes. In addition, Plato has been supplying extended services to Alametifarika, Grey, Young & Rubicam, McCann, Ericsson, TBWA, Lowe.

Company headquarters is situated in one of the most historical areas of Istanbul, Cihangir. The neighborhood is just below the famous Taksim Square, with a breath-taking Bosporus view. Plato’s location harbors a complex that combines post-production and sound studios with a series of artist residences. Many brainstorming and project meeting are also held in here.

Çetin believes the secret of a good contemporary production is to combine good ideas with the proper technology. As Plato Film grows year after year, Çetin also initiated three other companies withthe collaboration of the young professionals who are experts in their fields. provides camera leasing and rental services, is equipped with the latest technology that is necessary for a professional project. is the ultimate postproduction center for acclaimed television and cinematographic productions.